During Production Inspection is the second most frequent type of quality inspection after Pre-shipment Inspection.

Why need During Production Inspection?

Most time, Just do Pre-shipment inspection before delivery is too late. You found the vendor didn’t manufacture your order rightly, but unable to repair, no time to re-produce or your vendor refused to do. You will be in dilemma because don’t find the problem earlier. After having experience of import, More and more clients choice to do earlier inspection before Pre-shipment Inspection.

When to conduct During Production Inspection?

During Production Inspection will be conducted during 20-50% production finish. Not too early, if don’t have enough finished products. Not too late, If more than 50% finished. The ideal inspection time depends on your product style and factory experience.

Where to do During Production Inspection?

Waseet China team will perform the inspection on site in vendor’s plant.

What you can get from During Production Inspection?

During Production Inspection ensures the products quality and goods requirement are maintained through the production phase, issues earlier correction to further pinpoint problems before completion of the whole production.

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